Mail Server Problems

Recently, I ran into a little trouble with my mail server and discovered that there was spam  in the queue due to a lax username/password combo on one of my client’s accounts. Basically I had to clear out 12,000 spam emails using SSH. I’m not really a terminal guy but I’m slowly learning bits and pieces. The most helpful resource I came across was  Followed his steps of stopping the mail service, removing files, then restarting. During each step I would check the queue which can be done with this:


(your configuration may be different as this is for Plesk VPS)

iOS Web Testing With

Recently I came across another great web testing platform:

Pretty sweet! Test apps in an actual simulator. They offer plugins for most IDEs and platforms including XCode and they’re working on one for Titanium.  It’s great for giving potential users a chance to play around with your app especially as a selling point for downloads!  They have paid plans however if you want to try it out, it’s free. Some other features include:

  • Password protected simulators
  • Sharing and embedding a simulator both on a website as well as WordPress
  • Or an hosted url for the simulator

The company was founded in Australia by Edward Dowling, Chris Nolet, and Diesel Laws.

Finding Your Facebook Profile ID

Sometimes you just need to know your Facebook profile ID number especially when you changed your ID to a username like millions of others.  The URL to find that is here:

I’m using it for url schemes for opening the Facebook app from an app that I’m building. URL schemes are common among most apps so that you can open apps from one another.

Ti Notes: Actual Pixels

Figuring out the pixel density of the screen you’re viewing your app on can be tricky. This is really a mental note for me but I’m sure someone else has written this down somewhere:

dp/dip : Density-independent pixels

  • Android : actual pixels = dip * (screen density) / 160
  • iOS : actual pixels = dip * (screen density) / 163 (effectively 1dip=1px on standard, 1dip=2px on retina)
  • Mobile Web: actual pixels = dip * (screen density) / 96 (effectively 1dip=1px because most browsers scale pages to 96dpi to make them consistent with desktops).

Skillshare Class Launched!

I just recently launched my first Skillshare class on mobile app development last week! I’m definitely excited and I’m looking forward to the student projects.  If you’ve never heard of Skillshare, it’s a site where people can teach others a specific skill or impart knowledge from their field of expertise. My class is an “Intro to Mobile App Development” using the Titanium platform offered by It’s actually the first and only Skillshare class taught using the You do not need any previous coding knowledge to take my class either.

The beauty of Skillshare is:

  • You can learn at your own pace
  • You are provided videos for each unit which should explain each step in the unit
  • You create your very own project by the end of the class
  • Students who are also taking the class can help you and provide feedback

If you’re interested or you’d like to sign up for my class visit the link here.

SocialNote App Updates

Been thinking recently about what kind of updates I should give one of my more popular apps, SocialNote. Since quite a few people use it, the update is expected, however the primary goal is to convert my free users into paid users. Giving them features that are worthy of an upgrade while maintaining the current “pro” user base.

A few ideas:

  • Font color choices
  • Upgrade to pro in the free version using in-app purchases
  • Blurred background image on the post
  • Bold large fonts
  • Saved posts in a user “settings”
  • Share on Facebook, Email, Twitter, Tumblr

Not really sure where I want to go but I had to write it down.