Push Notifications: iOS 8 + Pushwoosh + Appcelerator’s Titanium

With Apple introducing a new method affecting push notifications, this led to Appcelerator introducing a new API call to handle this. Which in turn…you guessed it, rendered some of my code useless when interfacing with Pushwoosh. Essentially I could not send or receive device-to-device push notifications because my device was not registered.

Another thing to note, the way I use device-to-device push notifications with Pushwoosh is to send the device ID to my database under a unique userid for the app. Then when a user interacts with another user, I hit the device table to send the device id to pushwoosh, and so on. I couldn’t even get the id to save it. Huge problem.

Thankfully Appcelerator’s documentation is thorough and I found the solution:

This seems to be working for me. Official Appcelerator documentation is here. I just added in Pushwoosh stuff. You still need the Pushwoosh file in your Resources folder but the code just changes a little. Happy coding.

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