Great Seed Funding List & Resource!

Just came across Seed DB Awesome resource to find which accelerators and/or investment firms are located in your city! Came across this list while I was looking up venture capital (VC) and angel investment firms in Washington, D.C.

It’s really quite comprehensive with:

  • Links to each firm’s website
  • Total companies in its portfolio
  • $ Amount of funding they’ve done, and
  • The size of the firm

Anyway take a look if you’re curious about who to reach out to if you’re seeking seed funding! Plus they have some other goodies on the site as well!

Mail Server Problems

Recently, I ran into a little trouble with my mail server and discovered that there was spam  in the queue due to a lax username/password combo on one of my client’s accounts. Basically I had to clear out 12,000 spam emails using SSH. I’m not really a terminal guy but I’m slowly learning bits and pieces. The most helpful resource I came across was  Followed his steps of stopping the mail service, removing files, then restarting. During each step I would check the queue which can be done with this:


(your configuration may be different as this is for Plesk VPS)